Do Orangutan’s Have A Penis Bone?

So, OG (me boss) and I have been known to have some pretty interesting conversations in the last 7 years that we have worked together. No holds barred. Really. We talk about anything and everything. Which brings me to what we are talking about here.

At lunch, we generally find some kind of magazine full of gossip or short, yet hilarious ditties. The conversation turned interesting when I found a short article about an ape who doesn’t dig girl apes…. Read this… you’ll love it.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Sibu the Orangutan has miffed his Dutch keepers by refusing to mate with females and showing sexual interest only in tattooed human blondes.

Apenheul Primate Park hoped Sibu would become its breeding male when he arrived two years ago, but orangutans aren’t his type.

“He chases them, or ignores them, but he doesn’t do what he should do,” said a spokeswoman for the park.

Instead, Sibu fancies his female keepers, especially blondes. That, the spokeswoman said, was common for orangutans but Sibu has a fetish for tattoos, harking back to a heavily tattooed keeper who reared him.

“Orangutans have special interests in special subjects. Sibu happens to like tattoos,” she said.

So, this brought up the question of whether orangutans have a penis bone like most other mammals or if their penis gets hard like a human penis does. Yah, I know what you must be thinking…. perfectly acceptable, lady like lunchtime conversation. So, we finished up our lunch and google’d it, as we google every sick and twisted thing we can think of. And we found out that an orangutan does, in fact, have a penis bone.

OG has decided that I, being the blonde and tattoo’d chippie that I am, should stay the hell out of Amsterdam.

Just thought I’d share that tid-bit with you kids. Cheers!


20 Responses to “Do Orangutan’s Have A Penis Bone?”

  1. Always nice to realize that I am, in fact, an orangutan.

  2. I have tattoos, but not the blonde hair. Maybe I should dye it in the hopes of catchin me a nice hairy ape…

    BTW I stole your MEME. It was too kick ass not to. Love ya!

  3. I sure hope that question comes up on Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit sometime. I’ll really impress everyone by knowing that. haha

    BTW, they’re primates, not mammals. 😉

  4. Fuck .. primates are mammals .. I poured too much tequila over my cheerios this morning. hehe 😉

  5. Well, if you WERE tempted, at least in Amsterdam it would probably be legal!

    Sorry, that joke’s a little too sick for your lunchtime conversation . . . please ignore . . .

  6. At the very least, Orangutans have good taste.

  7. Solution seems simple…dye the bitches hair blond and put a tattoo on her ass! Simple.

  8. Gee Diva – I learn SO MUCH here! I never even knew was such a thing as a penis BONE! Is that where the term “Boner” comes from? 😉

  9. mmm.. I don’t have tattoos but I am still avoiding Amsterdam

  10. I wouldn’t mind rearing a tattooed blonde myself!

  11. lol…hope they dont bring in orangutans in the local zoo in ur city 😀

    blog updated 🙂

  12. i agree…shave the girl ‘tang and tattoo her!

  13. A penis bone, Really? I had no idea there was such a thing in any kinda critter.

  14. toooo cooool! maybe the orang utan needs psychotherapy!!

    come answer my question on my blog. Its a little related to your post!

  15. This is one of those rare times I am glad I am not Blonde!!!

    =) Bella

  16. rantingdiva Says:

    Meleah- I love giving out all that helpful information that someone might find helpful!!

    Moooog- Do orangutans masturbate?

    Leighann- Grassyass, sister!

    Krissy- You are most welcome to hijack any meme you want! I just hate to tag people.

    Jay- Tequlla cheerios!! YES!! That IS awesome!!!

    Strat- You can’t make us blush, pal.

    Mike- They do, don’t they!

    Mushy- I like your style, daddy-o!

    Olga- I aim to educate when I’m not bitching!

    Robert- Your bum is safe since you’re not a blonde chickie!

    Dyck- I bet you wouldn’t mind.

    Mav- They do, but are fortunately not perverted!

    RLL- That’s it, I’m sending ’em a letter stating our joint opinion!

    Truckindog- The things I learn and pass on… priceless!

    Solitare- I’ll be right over!

    Bella- I’m glad I’m not in Amsterdam… lol!

  17. Haaaaaaaaaaa
    I dont know if the image you were going for was you running and a Gorilla with a big hard dick sticking out!!!!!!!!!!!! But that is what I have in my mind right now!

  18. I must be an orangutan! Shit …..
    LOL @ Olga and her BONER comment. Ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post is a gas 🙂

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