Oh yah… It’s All About Me Beeeyach!!!

So, I went and jacked this meme in true pirate style from a new friend and totally cool chicky here…. mmm-mmm-goood Solitare…  hopefully she won’t mind. 

Rules & Regs:  Write about yourself, and write the FIRST thing that comes to your mind!!

I AM a hot mamasita.  Any questions?

I WANT to get laid (Big T needs to give me some soon before I go postal.)

I HAVE everything I ever wanted when I was a little kid, ya know the house, the man, the kids…

I WISH sumer would come on already. My skirts & flipflops are a-waitin to be upacked!!

I HATE that the teenaged mutants in my house can’t be normal… maybe they are… but they make me nuts.

I FEAR that middle age has officially set in… Dayum.

I SEARCH for all the crap that I misplaced in boxes when we moved into this house and hid said boxes in various closets….. jeez.

I WONDER why white wine is better chilled and red wine is much tastier at room temperature…. 


I LOVE karaoke & Sin City.  I’m a karaoke ho whore efficianto.

I ALWAYS intend to get up and do the treadmill, but I’m a lazy ass bitch that is morning’s biggest enemy.

I AM NOT interested in dealing with people that manage to incorporate drama into every aspect of their being.  Keep that shit to yourself, asshat!

I DANCE all the damn time.  I gots moves.

I SING nationwide, baby.  Coming to your town sooner or later!! 


 I CRY more than a friggin baby with a wet ass diaper.  Yah, yah, I’m an emotional tear bag.


I WRITE blogs.  Many and often.

I AM CONFUSED.  Everything, all the time.

I NEED some money!  Donations gladly accepted.


 I SHOULD try to quit being such a bitch… but it’s so me.

So, there ya have it… if ya wanna jack this lil meme, feel free cuz in general it’s against my personal rules to hit folks up and make ’em feel all obligated to add to their list of shit to do. 


17 Responses to “Oh yah… It’s All About Me Beeeyach!!!”

  1. I still think a karaoke video would be awesome! 😉

  2. You’re my sista from anotha mista!

    I could have written this post myself! Although, I don’t sing in public unless I have obscene amounts of alcohol running through my veins!

  3. Speedcat: Two thumbs up for this post … a wild ride on the Diva side!

    Mr. Hollydale: Same goes for me Speedcat, it seems that some comedy goodness was pumped in here. The dancing cat on crack is the best!

    Personality #3: I hope the postal service is running smoothly again soon …

  4. Hot Mama your one of a kind…:)))) and I am smiling…:)))))

  5. THANK YOU for making me laff my cups off! You ROCK Diva!!! 🙂

  6. Wonderful!
    Loved it~~
    Hugs and all that stuff

  7. hey…nicely done…tht was good…

    btw blog updated 🙂

  8. wicked post!!! I learned so much about you, Cat. I love karaoke too!!!
    I might steal this meme. Don’t hate me.

  9. We are SO MEETING YOU IN VEGAS!!! How does the 3rd week of May sound?

  10. i wanna hear u belt out some tunes, we should do a duet, get your ass here pronto..

    im all hot a bothered now after seeing the fonze..

  11. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- I’m officially looking for a video camera just for you

    Leighann- Jim, Jack & Jose are my best friends

    Speedy- Better than any thrill ride, yah?
    Mr. H- Crack cats rock balls
    #3- You & me both, I’m waiting patiently for my Midol to come.

    Robert- As are you, my friend!

    Olga- My cup runneth over, mama!

    Judy- Grassyass!!

    Mav- Thanks!!

    Krissy- What’s mine is yours, Sister!

    IF- I’m lookin a tickets, you’re on!

    FFM- Meet us in Vegas!

  12. We totally still have stuffed boxes in closets and hidey nooks and I still don’t know where shit might be. I thought it was only me.

    Just as I finished that sentence, there was a huge crack of lightening and the raindrops started pelting on my window. It seems someone else agrees: I am not alone in my could-give-a-shitness on the boxes. 🙂

  13. I liked and just might have to steal it…thanks for the idea. xo

  14. OMG..I love Fat Bastard wine!!!

    =) bella

  15. totally awesome meme. totally great job. xxoo

  16. ps…Fat Bastard wine is hysterical. Im dying to try that.

  17. nosjunkie Says:

    I drink my red cold too and I am wearing a shirt like you have on in the pic

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