**Slick Willy for First Lady in 2008**

Well, since next year is George’s last year as the biggest little man in the universe,

*rolls eyes*


we are all going to be barraged with an endless swollen river of mudslinging, dirt digging and bitchy ass commercials slung forth by the candidates…

We are going to hear all of the dirty little secrets that each and every one of the presidential hopefuls have kept hidden in their closet collecting dust and cobwebs.

Who knows what will come out? Who cares, right?


I’m thinking it’s pretty obvious that the political powerhouse called Clinton has already had their dirty laundry dumped out in the middle of the livingroom and inspected right down to Monica’s lipstick on Slick Willy’s fly.


If I didn’t have to vote, I wouldn’t. I’m not impressed with a single thing any of these people who want to try to be master of the universe.  They all suck.  They all stand for nothing but personal gain.

I have one single reason why I’m digging the fact that Billary is in the running for ruler of the universe.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

Who out there can say Fast Willie wouldn’t make a kick-ass first lady???

Think about it for a minute.

Good Morning America always has the favorite recipes of the First Lady around any major holiday.

Wouldn’t it be sexy to see Bill in an apron, chattin it up with Diane Sawyer, whilst beating the sugar, vanilla and butter on medium, which is the key to his perfectly fluffy and light homemade BROWNIES.



Wouldn’t he make a cool “unofficial hostess” of the White House. Oh yah.

Just what exactly would that exuberant title necessitate, you may be asking?

Let’s examine, one by one.

~ Decorating of the White House. Can’t ya see. Leather sofas. Whiskey barrel end tables with sexy little ashtrays for his poker buds. La-Z-Boy recliners for all, including the media types. Big screen TVs in every nook and cranny so as not to miss any of the big games.


~ Coordination of the Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny. All for the enchantment of the children.


~Hosting international receptions at the executive residence for foreign heads of state. Can you imagine how these formal functions will magically transform at midnight into ultimate ragers?


If anybody could throw a kegger, I’m sure it would be Slick Willy.

If ya can’t vote for the candidates because they have no morals or scruples….


 then vote for the one that is married to someone who will at least make the next several years tabloid-ishious.



12 Responses to “**Slick Willy for First Lady in 2008**”

  1. tabloid-ishious


  2. I grew up in Arkansas so I’ve had more than enough of the Clintons. Unless they decide to hire cheerleaders for Hillary’s rallies. Then, I might agree to vote for Hillary. Or maybe a Victoria’s Secret model as White House Spokesperson. Yeah, I could go for that. 😉

  3. the bunny and he beer…..HAHAHAHAHHA

    Um.but….me & politics kind of work this this: they speak and I *insert fingers in ears* and say “la la la la ….I can’t hear you”

  4. nosjunkie Says:

    the zimbabweans vote this weekend would you rather vote in africa?

  5. You had me at “Monica.”

  6. Finally a post where you’re not bitching about your poor stepson.

  7. Okay seriously, I am sitting here at my desk trying to quietly eat my lunch when I start reading your post and cracking up….then, I get to the last picture and lost it…ROTFLMAO…I mean we are talking tears & yougurt spewing out of my notrils kind of laughing…thanks, I needed that…ha,ha Billy as the 1st lady….pimpin’ ain’t easy…too much my friend…xoxo

  8. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i dont think its bill that people fear!
    I’d wayyyyyyyyyyy rather have him than any of the others running
    they all suck!

  9. OMG, Billary!!! That is brazilliant!!!

  10. Girl, you crack me UP!

  11. LOL Diva, I will consider these very good points the next time I feel like ranting about how much I can’t stand her.

    Since I’m Canadian, I won’t be all in an uproar when they spend your tax dollars on cases of kneepads so that all visitors to the Whitehouse are a little more comfortable. I mean, as Pres he didn’t have to worry about the comfort of his visitors but as First Lady, he’ll probably want to be a little better of a host to all those women on their knees.

  12. Yes! Yes! And yes!!!

    However, I am basing my vote on whichever candidate does the stupidist thing ever. So far, it’s Obama for calling Matt Lauer “Tim.” Now, you may say that’s not stupid, and it reality it’s not but it’s stupid and cool all at the same time. If Billary can top that, dems got my vote ya’ll.

    I do like your logic a lot though…damn.

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