1987 ~ Pizza, Hair Color & Stick Shifts


The year I was babysitting a bunch of brats, I ordered a pizza & it was delivered by a hot guy.  I ordered a 2nd pizza just to see that hot dude again. 

The same night his boss called at 1:15 in the morning to find him because he hadn’t come back.  My mom came outside to find us sitting on the sidewalk talking and told him he’d better get back to work.

The year I managed to drop 40 pounds of baby weight & started feeling like somebody again.

The year I was sucked into cosmetology classes and got addicted to hair color.

The year me and pizza boy got busted by a passing train, doin it in the lake by the snow.  Luckily my ass approximately the same color as snow.  The train horn blows, so must the driver.

The year I rolled the front end of pizza boy’s brand new Dodge Daytona into Ft. Loudon Lake while he was trying to teach me the fundamentals of the clutch and stick shift.  Bad, bad idea.

The year my parents decided that they had, in fact, made a mistake in moving from California to Tennessee and started making plans to move back to Cali.  Shit!

The year they sucked me into allowing them custody of Miss N for ‘insurance purposes’.

The year pizza boy asked me to marry him to keep me from moving away.

The year bike boy came from California to TN to try to convince me to move back to CA with Miss N (his baby).  Hell to the no.

By the time bike boy grew the balls to do the right thing and stand up to my Dad, it was too late.  I was already in love with pizza boy.  Bad mistake.

13 Responses to “1987 ~ Pizza, Hair Color & Stick Shifts”

  1. Wow, what a year! Sounds like lots of fun with the pizza boy!

  2. Natalie ( divas Offspring) Says:

    well I am glad you didnt go back to cali with BIKE BOY or should we call HIM a A**HOLE!

  3. Natalie ( divas Offspring) Says:

    He is nothing but a dirty nasty crackhead mexican!!!!! But i cant hate on him for being a mexican i am one 2! Yes I am a bean!

  4. I remember having a HUGE crush on George Michael *giggle*

  5. I love these little flashbacks of yours…they are so detailed and the imagery is staggering…painful, even for me…the 80s were kinda suck ass for Krissyface.

  6. ’87 was my first year of college. I learned lots and lots of new things. Very few of them in the classroom though. 😉

  7. What was so great about Pizza Boy? Was his pepperoni that impressive??

  8. I love these!
    didja get free pizza for a lil sumthin sumthin??

  9. Scarlett Says:

    I still cannot for the life of me figure out why someone would leave the beautiful state of California to move to podunk Tennessee! I live in Tennessee and for all I’m worth would love to be in California! LOL! I guess it’s just boring to live where you were born…or it could just be that I’m not-pleasable? and it really doesn’t matter where I live…I sure hope that’s not the case…or I’m screwed! lol

  10. Memories from 19 years ago!!!!!!!! wow…

  11. actually 21!!!!!!!! even more wows!

  12. I love these…what a memory…I’d be doing good to write about something that happened yesterday…LOL…keep em’ comin’…xo

  13. now that was a GREAT year!

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