What do Kids, Friends & Mom’s all have in common?

  I’ll tell ya.  The ability to drive me NUCKIN FUTZ!
If you’re sick of seeing my words being dismal and whiny and bitchy, then you may wanna skip me over.   Seriously.  
I’m venting and I’m being a total buzzkill right now.
I’ve found myself in a bad place this week.  Or maybe it’s because, like my espresso machine, I build up so much pressure then I just start spew hot shit out my pipes at super high pressure.
This day is a day where I can’t think.   My head is spinning and I keep catching myself clinching my jaw because it’s creating a headache of mega proportions.
A day when the one nerve I have left has officially stepped on by the majority of my inner circle of life.
I warned you.  I’m having a pitty party today. 
Miss A is driving me crazy.  She’s whiny and she hates school, so we start every morning with crying about how bad she feels and how she doesn’t want to go to school.  This is the same child who has played sick and ditched and now has no room to play where attendance is concerned.  I feel like an evil whore for forcing her to get up and go to school because I know this time she’s not kidding.  But she is the one who fucked it up by crying wolf and ditching when she should have been conserving those days for days when she really needed them.
It’s already been stated that the boy is driving me crazy.  And, although he’s not created any new drama, just the fact that I hear him breathing and chewing his food and walking around makes me want to scream.
My sister, yah, she’s driving me crazy.  She’s about to loose everything because her and her husband wouldn’t accept jobs that they thought were beneath them and not good enough pay, and now find themselves in a position that they can’t find a job at all.  I’m sorry for them, I really am.  My heart goes out to them and I wish there was something I could do to help.  But I have two mortgages and a shit pot of my own fucking problems.  I told her ass to take a job 7 months ago, that it had potential and room to grow, but she chose to snub it.
On to my best friend.  She’s driving me mad too.  I love her dearly, I really do.But beating a nearly dead horse isn’t going to change her situation and the horse she’s beating ain’t gonna change.  It’s too old and it’s too stubborn.  She has had the same problem for a year and has progessively gotten worse and worse and worse.  She has no happiness EVER.  She is living a nightmare and there is nothing I, or anybody else, can say or do that is going to change the horse or successfully convince her that she’s in a losing situation.
Now for my stepmom.  Can anybody say HYPOCONDRIAC?  This woman watches too much TV.  She is convinced that she’s dying.  She is convinced all doctors are asshats and have no clue what they are talking about.   Her current obsession is her blood sugar.  Every time I talk to her it’s “I ate a horse and a tree trunk and you know what… my sugar is ___!!”   Enough already.  Good for you and your choice of healthy lifestyle at your advanced age.  But, with everything else on my mind I don’t give a flying fuck about your blood sugar.  I know you’re healthy.  The doctors know you’re healthy.  And I’m 100% convinced that you yourself know you’re healthy.  Give it a rest already.  Quit watching TLC and Discovery.  Those shows are not healthy for people like her.  She needs to find herself a good comedy.
Ok, since I’m making myself queezy, I’m going to shut the hell up now.   I know seasons come and go.  I know this is shit everybody goes through.  But if I don’t get the spit and venom out of me I’m gonna blow up! 
We will be back to our normally scheduled Diva-like sarcasm shortly.

8 Responses to “What do Kids, Friends & Mom’s all have in common?”

  1. Let’s have hot freaky sex, then we’ll both feel better!

  2. rantingdiva Says:

    Leighann- Ain’t it amazing, I was just thinking the same thing.

  3. Don’t you just love to let it all out every now and then.

    I bet you almost feel better now. If not, go get drunk.

  4. That’s what we are here for…vent away my friend…we all have those moments and sometimes you just need to get it out!! Hang in there babe xo

  5. You know, if you can’t vent on your own blog, where can ya? Let it all out babe. Might just keep ya from goin’ postal. Whatever works.

  6. Take off your bra…let those puppies free, & BREATH!!!!
    Or yeah, go get drunk like mike says…


  7. We will have some wine together. 6:00pm EDST tonight!!

  8. This definitely sounds like a job for a bottle of tequila, some pizza and a few good DVDs. And giving the kids some valium and having them go lie down for a while and be quiet.

    Okay, so giving the kids valium is illegal, but it would work. 😉

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