Bill Cosby Called it Brain Damage

…and the boy in my house has a moderate to severe case of it.  My stepson (freshly acquired last September) has driven me to hide out in my bedroom when he is awake and/or at home.

If you’re not into bitch & moan posts, I warn you now, I’ve had it and I’m blowing steam.

Why can’t he just do what he’s supposed do?  I’m serious when I say that I think he’s got major emotional intellegence deprevation.    I mean he’s 17 going on 11.

He stomps his feet when he doesn’t get his way. And he stomps super loud to make sure we can hear him stomping around upstairs. 

He cries like a girl.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with a boy crying, but for fuck sake you don’t have to shed a tear when it’s not going your way, pal.  Save the tears for when you get your heart broken by some little skank.  Or save them for when you finally push your dad too far and he kicks your ass like he should have a LONG time ago.

He refuses to eat real, healthy home cooked food, he eats nothing but Chicken Finger Dinners from Banquet and a small variety of canned food if he’s not eating fast food… 

Do you have any idea how pissed off I get when I’ve spent time and effort after working 8 hours to cook and very tasty and healthy meal just to watch him walk to the cabinet, open a can of fucking soup or chili, power cook it until it scorches to the bottom of the sauce pan and dumps it in the sink for ME to wash.

He will bug the everlovin piss out of ya when he wants something.  He’ll stand right on top of you until you tell him to go the hell away.  He’s never done this too me, but he does it to his dad all the fucking time and his girlfriend and his stepsister..

Well, he has hounded my ass by text message.  I think he’s scared to do it to my face. Which is mighty fine by me.  But, if he’s not standing right there buggin ya, he’ll do it by text. 

One day last week, he supposedly got grounded (like he’s ever stayed grounded or in trouble for anything ever which is why he’s a dick) for being a smart ass.  So, he conveniently waits for his dad to get up and go to work and he starts texting me:

 Boy:   Hey.  Have you heard from Dad?

Me:  Uh, no.  He’s at work.

Boy:  Can I go to McDonalds after school until time to go to church?

Me:  No.  Your dad said you’re grounded. Come home after school.

Boy:  Y?

Me:  Because you’re grounded & I said so and that’s enough reason.

Boy:  That’s just stupid.  Stupid!

Me:  And that’s why your ass is grounded.  You better be here when I get home.  Leave me alone. I’m trying to get ready for work.

 Boy:  Whatever.

GRRRR!!!!!    It’s a matter of respect, and the child has none.

Big T doesn’t say anything to his kid about giving me shit.  It’s like he could care less which is making me pissy towards him and making me hide when his brat is around.

Anyway, over the weekend he was feel super destructive I guess.  He watches UFC fighting all the time and I’m not kidding when I say this boy THINKS HE IS THE SHIT because he watches it and he knows the moves. 

Shaaa right, little boy.  One good ass kickin and he’ll rethink it.  

So, Saturday night, we tried to give him a little bit of freedom by letting him have his friends over.  There were 5 (including Brain damage). 

Me & Big T were headed off to my folks to play cards.  I told the boy:

– No wrestling   – No eating in the livingroom    – No colored hair spray in the house

Right.  It wasn’t even 8:00 when the boy calls and says, “Me and Sebastian were wrestling and we put a huge hole in the door and the knob went through the wall.”

No more friends over for him unless his dad is there.  I’m not dealing with all that retarded crap.  He doesn’t listen to me and he’s very disrepectful.

I’m telling you, as much as I love Big T, had I known his kid was such an immature brat, I’m thinking I may not have gotten married.  I sit and pray the next year and a half will hurry and breeze by and that he’ll grow up and move out. 

Thank you for letting me bitch.  I’m gonna go open a bottle of wine and swim in it now.

20 Responses to “Bill Cosby Called it Brain Damage”

  1. Feel free to bitch anytime, but you’re SCARING me!!!

    Just a few more years and I will be where you are!

  2. OMG, you have nerves of steel…I would have killed him by now…..drink up my friend, hell I want to have a few for you!! xo

  3. Sounds like Big T needs an ass whoopin too!

  4. Your situation sounds exactly like my little brother and my step mom used to be…well he is 24 now, and he still mooches off them. Still is always asking for stuff, crying like a girl, constantly getting in trouble, and he is very irresponsible. I adore my step mom, she is truly the most patient person ever, cause I would have drown his ass in the pool by now.
    I highly suggest that you tell your husband to give him serious ass beating now, or your going to be living with his drama for the rest of your life.

    My parents marriage is jacked up because of it.

  5. Hmmm. We’ve thought aobut adopting. I think I’ll get a dog instead.

  6. I can’t relate but I sure feel for you. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to “inherit” someone else’s kids. Especially when they’re little bitches. Don’t reckon Carol or Mike Brady had to worry about shit like this.

  7. My oldest kid is a “step-daughter.” Technically she’s not because I adopted her when she was 5, but the whole “step” thing has been in full effect since the day my wife and I had one of our own.

    Sometimes I think it is all as a result of some kind of giant invisible chip on their shoulder or something.

  8. “Save the tears for when you get your heart broken by some little skank. ”


    Im dreading the TEEN years. My son is 11…going on 40.

    Ps…its kinda funny when you are mad!

  9. rantingdiva Says:

    Bella- They aren’t all like this. There are two of them, one does regular teenager crap, the other goes above and beyond.

    Lisa- Nerves of steel… not so much. I hide alot and I drink alot of wine to keep me warm and fuzzy.

    Leighann- I will certainly keep that in mind.

    Jam- It’s not so bad between us because we both know he’s a total dork. I just needed to vent.

    IF- I didn’t raise this boy, his bitch mother did. I’m sure if you adopt, you will love and cherish it and it will be fine.

    Chuck- Yah, if I’d gotten him when he was little it would be different.

    Mike- Thank goodness we don’t deal too much with the ‘step’ issue between them because they’re both grown up and both technically ‘stepkids’. He has a chip from his mom sending him away and telling him she never wanted kids. And I take that into account. But you can only ride the pity train and act like a moron for so long before I just snap.

  10. So what happens if you dole out this ass whoopin’?? Would Big T be pissed? Sounds like someone needs to do it and fast!! Maybe you could get his girlfriend to do it….
    Pass that bottle o’ wine!

  11. roadredneck Says:

    if the wine doesn’t do it Jack will..:)))

  12. Make him get a job or something. I would be calling child services on myself to get the bastard outta my house. Where’s his mother? Sounds like he needs his britches burned. I really hate asshole kids.

  13. So8unds like the boy needs an ass wuppin’. It’s gonna seriously test your love, puttin’ up with that shit. It’s a test of your man’s love for you, how much he expects you to put up with before he hands out that ass wuppin. You go girl.

  14. Put a little rat poison in his chicken fingers. He’ll stop squawking in no time.

  15. U want I come and whoop his ass?
    Its gotta be tough to be a step parent.
    Big T needs to whoop ass around there.
    And wtf about colord hair spray?
    wtf is that?

  16. nosjunkie Says:

    Okay Diva you have to tell me how you got your widgets to work and how you loaded a custom theme did you actually buy shit from wordpress?

  17. Ugh. Hey, it’s your blog – you have got to bitch sometimes. This is the sort of thing that will eat you alive if you have to just suck it up and not say anything.

    And, it’s not cool for you to be disrespected in your own house.

  18. is he really 17????damn…i thot it was a 10 yr old..not even 11…good luck :) updated 🙂

  19. rantingdiva Says:

    Michelle- Who knows. I don’t stay quiet about it. I let him know when he’s done something lame, but as far as an asswhoopin goes, I’m not so sure he wouldn’t swing back.

    Robert- You got that right.

    UW- You and me both. I might get you to come kick his ass for me.

    FHB- Yah, I consider myself very tested already and it’s only been 5 months.

    Dyck- I was thinking duct tape and a dark closet.

    Sage- Not sure why the hell they did the hair color. Stupid kids??

    Lee- Go into presentation and click on widgets. Then insert the HTML code. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t.

    Amy- Sometimes I just can’t take anymore and have to get it out. This is the only place I can do it without really hurting anybody’s feelings.

    Maverick- I know it huh.

  20. Don’t worry about the food thing.

    My kids rotate the following meals:

    – Chicken nuggets
    – hot dogs
    – grilled cheese
    – pizza

    I’m not sure if ketchup is technically a vegetable, but if it is, it’s the only one they’ll eat.

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