1975 ~ El Caminos, Shirley Temples & Drinkin with the Boys

I grew up hanging out with my Daddy.    The apple of his eye dontcha know. 

I was the baby, the first girl in the entire family.  The rest of the spawns were all boys.

And I ain’t kiddin when I tell ya I was a spoiled brat.  Reckon I still am.

So, I suppose the chickie I am today has alot to do with him.  Love it or lump it, I was born and raised redneck from the time I was old enough to walk.

I grew up cruisin around in the sweet El Camino daddy had.

Yep, ridin shotgun everywhere the man went.

It was jet black and tricked out with chrome.    I remember that car to this day.

I remember the smell of it.   The 8-track tape deck.   The Eagles & Fleetwood Mac tapes he’d play.

This would be my dream car.  It’s orange rather than black as I’M ALL VOL, baby!

El Camino SS

Big T has made it DEFCON 5 on his list of shit to do, if only to shut me the hell up about it.

He WILL find me an 1972 El Camino 396SS with leather seats.

 I will have one.   Yes, oh yes, I will.

Anyway, in Daddy’s ElCo we’d cruise on down to Sharky’s.

Now, Mom used to get all fire and brimstone on his ass for carrying me down there.

Sharky’s was a pool hall.  A snooker bar.    It was dank and dark.

But, he just loved to show my ass off.   And I, in true Diva fashion at that tender young age, sucked up the attention.

He’d take me in and sit me up on the stool in front of the PacMan machine.

I’m not kiddin when I tell ya I scored bank in quarters every time we went.

His snooker buddies adored me.   They’d sit down beside me and chit chat and give me quarters and buy me Shirley Temple’s.   My cup runneth over.

When they’d see me headed towards the jukebox they’d run over each other to get there to pump it full of dimes.

I’m not sure if they exactly liked my choice in music.   But nobody ever complained when I’d crank up the Blondie and FunkyTown by Lipps, Inc, Diana Ross… the disco of the day.

It’s amazing to me that I remember all that crap.  But apparently it all rubbed off on me.  Either that or it sheer genetics at its finest.

I love to shoot pool, I love cold beer and muscle cars. 

And I adore my Daddy.

17 Responses to “1975 ~ El Caminos, Shirley Temples & Drinkin with the Boys”

  1. I love this post! I too am a daddy’s girl. I too went to a bar and got to drink shots of soda, and play disco on the jukebox. I too am a muscle car lover!! My dream car would be a ’69 Chevelle. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

  2. being Daddy’s Little Girl IS THE BEST.

    I adore my father more than anyone else On.The.Planet.

    (with the exception of my son)

    great post! xxoo

  3. You be cool and shit!

  4. damn uthe jukebox took dimes??????????????/
    great story
    I hope my spuds think as much of me as I did my daddy.

  5. add old* damn you old!

  6. Girls and their daddys. You got to love it.

    It so good to read about kids having good relationships with their parents–especially their dads. There is so much of the other side of the story out there these days.

  7. thats a sweet *ucking ride;)

    I was a daddys girl too…its good to be loved by your daddy;)

  8. nosjunkie Says:

    AAAH hunny that car rules there are still quite a few of them rolling around here my history teacher had one in the most hedeous color red I have ever see but baby when they roar

  9. Great post!

    Ah, the Shirley Temple = the precursor to the wine I drink today.

    Good times.

    And Good music.

    Yes, I was a disco queen.


  10. Ahh, I am Daddy’s girl too…..love it…..I love these little posts into who you are, keep em comin!! xo

  11. I have 3 sisters so I was never daddy’s little girl….cause I am the oldest. Sucks ass!

  12. You have such a great writing style…I could totally picture the bar smellin like beer and the sound of the pacman machine. And listening to Funkytown!
    Wow, your daddy sounds totally awesome!

  13. As a fellow Daddy’s Girl I just wanna say – AWESOME memories! Oh I felt like I was there! And El Caminos! Boy I remember the boys that drove those! Naughty Naughty! 🙂

    Thanks for the GREAT view into the 70s!


  14. I’d like to bend you over a juke box and pump you full of somethin’!

  15. even i love pool and cold beer 😀

    blog updated 🙂

  16. OMG that car is CLASSIC!!! And so are you, my dear!

  17. rantingdiva Says:

    Lois- I killed a ’69 Chevelle. Ran into a tree with it 😦

    Meleah- I adore my daddy, always have.

    Mushy- No, you be cool!

    Sage- Yah, dimes. Jukebox now you have to pump in dollars, no change accepted. Fuckers. And I’m not old!!

    Mike- I don’t have any real parental horror stories. They were pretty cool for parents, lol.

    FFM- Still lookin for one I can call my own. My daddy will be so surprised.

    Lee- I see ’em here and there now. Hard to come by though.

    Bella- Yah, Shirley Temples are the drink a lil girl can act all big and grown with =)

    Lisa- Thanks!!

    PP- My sister said the same thing, but she was the baby.

    Krissy- Thanks, girl!

    Mon- I wish I could remember more details, I didn’t start remembering alot until I had 80s flashbacks last month, lol.

    Dyck- Not until you change your crusty underwear, pal.

    Mav- Beer + pool = excellent time

    Olga- Thanksssss!!!!!!

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