Birthdays, Saturday Detention & the Brat Pack

Ok, this is, I reckon  a disclaimer.  Here we go.

 I realize I’ve been stuck in the 80’s for a minute.  Y’all just bare with me.  I’m purging my guts and cleansing myself, as to be able to step ahead and move forward.

 End of drama.

That being said, am I alone here in totally diggin the 80’s teenie movies?

The Brat Pack, y’all. 

Yes, those kids on screen who were acting out how life really was going up in the Valley Spewing era that it was.

They were representing who we were. 

Sixteen Candles captured how desperate it was for a silly girl to get a guy’s attention while dealing with the crap at home only to win the guy in the end.  Yay!

And who didn’t dig the bad boy pot head in The Breakfast Club, love the snob in the Prom Queen, the rebelling Jock, the Goth chick, the Nerdy kid?  .  


10 Responses to “Birthdays, Saturday Detention & the Brat Pack”

  1. Which 80’s movie character do you think you most resemble?

  2. The Brat Pack movies were just a bit past my prime, but a lot of it still applied. 80’s music was a little refreshing because it beat the hell out of the disco of the 70’s which just totally pissed me off.

  3. Molly Ringwald was much hotter than most guys would admit.

  4. Well, I watched my mom sport the 80’s. She was all in love with John Cougar and some other embarrassing unmentionables. She always wore cut-offs with no underpants, a baggy Max Headroom t-shirt with no bra, dangly ear-rings and a pony tail on the side of her head. From my point of view, ya’ll can keep your 80’s era 🙂

  5. rantingdiva Says:

    Leighann- Hmmm, while in CA, I’d say I was Mollyish… then when Dad moved us to TN I turned into the outcast scary chick.

    Mike- Music from the 80s was bomb diggity!

    Jay- She was smokin hot!

    UW- Doh! Blasphemy!!

  6. I was in the stage production of Breakfast Club in college. I taped Larry Lester’s buns together….can you guess which character I played?


  7. I loved those same movies and remember seeing them at the theater when they first came out.

    Damn. That makes me feel old.

  8. Eat my socks, brownie hound!

  9. rantingdiva Says:

    Chuckie- You my friend, were the Jock that got caught.

    Bella- Both of my offspring love those flicks!

    Dyck- Eat my shorts, Barry Manillo

  10. LOVE, love, love the BRAT PACK movies…..80’s movies are the best!!! You are not alone my friend!! xo

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