1986 ~ Drummer Boy, Hypocrites & Killer Kool-Aid


The year I started a new school – mid semester- in the Bible Belt with a baby.


 I went from Queen Bee to outcast in like 2.8 seconds.

The year I learned the hard way how critical, judgemental and hurtful that church going Christians can be.


The year me & my post baby body tried to regain some sense of self and got back on rollerskates…. uh, not good.

The year I met Drummer Boy.  He played drums in the church band.  He looked past all of the bad stuff everybody else was digging up and saw the good stuff that was Diva.

We broke up six months later because he ended up not being able to handle all of the pressure of his family and his church “friends”… it got to be too much.

The year I gave up on going to church by my own free will.

The year I me & my friend Linda got drunk as hell on PGA & Punch (AKA ~ Killer Koolaid) and subsequently played spin the bottle with a bunch of our friends.


The year mom busted us for consuming said Kool-Aid on Saturday night, and made us get up Sunday morning (hangover and all) and go to church with her.


14 Responses to “1986 ~ Drummer Boy, Hypocrites & Killer Kool-Aid”

  1. When I was in high school we had two type of girls who had kids. The ones who went to the Baptist Church was embraced by the church and told that they church family would come together to support them. The one’s who didn’t go to the Baptist church were just sluts who were destroying society. It was all very sad. Especially since the teachers and school admins took the same approach.

  2. 1986 was when I graduated high school! LOL it was a BLUR!


  3. My mom busted me for drinking when I was about 14 or so. She worked my ass off the next day. I guess I probably deserved it but at the time, it seemed awfully harsh.

    No one told me about hangovers.

  4. Oh, nothing like going from queen bee to outcast..


    I just love your year stories..good shit i tell ya.

  5. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- Baptist church in California and the Baptist church in Tennessee had two totally different views of what happened. Just think how condemned I’d have been had I chosen the alternative.

    Monica- 88 was the year that was a total blur for me!

    Mike- Nobody ever bothers to warn a kid about a hangover.. .how hateful is that?

    FFM- Thanks, girl. Flashback city over here!!

  6. sucks how some folks treat others for sure.

  7. cruel punishment..Church on Sunday with a hangover…:)))

  8. oh we re not going to play this game lol

    Looks like you had a lot going on! Fck church lets go to a bar!

  9. I don’t understand what point this post is trying to make.

  10. Church in and of itself is a cruel and unusual punishment! 😉

  11. rantingdiva Says:

    Sage- Yah, sucks to be an outcast, lol.

    Ms. P- Yah, busy year for a kid.

    Troll- It’s called history. I’m sure you have one too.

    Leighann- That it is, girl.

  12. Been spending time reading your “years” posts. Sounds like your past is as colorful as mine, if not more so! LOL.
    My Mom still doesn’t understand why I choose not to go to church…why subject yourself to hypocrisy? ((rolls eyes))
    And to have to go while hungover?? That’s just wrong…

  13. I love these tidbits of your past history done chronologically. Very well done.

  14. I agree, church people can be so freakin cruel and unforgiving….you would think it would go in a totally different direction….I have been SO hurt by church folk that I quit going myself….I figure it’s all between me and the big guy anyway…..hypocrites! xoxo
    It’s their loss…you are fantastic!!!

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