Seven Deadly Sins: LUST


An intense sexual desire or appetite, or an uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or craving. 

I’m human.

All ya’ll know I’m full of lustful and naughty thoughts.

I can’t help it.

God made me a catty creature.

If I see somebody totally hot I will stop and admire it.

Adultery? Cheating? Same thing…

All of it, lumped into the lust category.

Dirty dancin with another girl… 

This would be Lust.

Dreaming about being naked in a hot tub

with a gorgeous man during a thunderstorm?

This too is Lust.

I’m not saying I’d go out and have an affair or wicked one-night-stand with some hottie  that happens to cross my path.

Nah. Why bother.

Alls I’m saying is that due to unsatisfying situations in my past

I have indulged in certain extra-curricular activities and enjoyed them immensely.

Everybody has desires that might not be met without lust coming into play.

And even if they don’t act on ’em, everybody has naughty thoughts.

Look at our politicians.

Look at our Holy leaders.

They all claim to be best friends with Jesus.

Then turn around and condemn one another shaking hands with the devil.

As it turns out they are all just as guilty as the other.

 Jimmy Swaggart was banging a prostitute and got popped.

While at the same time that he condemned Jim Baker to hell

for having an affair behind his wife’s back.

Brother Newt condemned Fast Willie and Monica for doing the deed.

(Well kind of.  Diddlin’ with a Cuban Cigar is lusty.)

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to embrace my human nature for what it is.


13 Responses to “Seven Deadly Sins: LUST”

  1. I think all those hypocrites bug me as much as the people who where the cheaters. Not that I would approve of cheating.

    But lust? I approve of lust. 😉

  2. You’re right, we’re twins!

  3. without proper lust what would I do with ding-a-ling i was birthed with?

  4. Let the record state that most preachers built around the almighty dollar is filthy.

    And I agree, lust is everywhere.

  5. go on girl. Lust might be a sin, but it feels so good.

  6. I just lump it all into that “hey, we’re only human” category. Lust is healthy. Trying to turn it into something else is probably not good for you.

  7. Pimpin Aint Easy…..hahahahahaahahahahahah

  8. I have em..daily..ok hourly…okay okay by the minute….:))))

  9. Gawd I love SLick Willy..I mean, I would totally get in a hottub with him.

    shit, I didnt just say that..

  10. Mmmm…Monica.


    Now I want a cigar.

  11. hmmm…its human to have d lust..makes ur imagination go blog updated

  12. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- I love lust, cheating sucks balls… but it happens.

    Leighann- I knew it!

    Sage- Your ding-a-ling would surely be so sad without it!

    Don- 100% agreed.

    Krissy- Indeed.

    Mike- Lust has made me a happy cat!

    Meleah- You got that right, sister!

    Robert- All I think about is Taco Bell and sex.. is that healthy?

    FFM- Slick Willy is a hottie!

    PP- You and me both. I’ll bring the wine.

    Mooog- You naughty man.

    Mav- Yep, I have a vivid imagination….. obviously!

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