Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony


The excessive love or abuse of food, drink or drugs. 

I’m not immoral.

I’m not just not ashamed to admit that I am human.

I gots  human wants, needs and desires.

Just like everyone else. Whether the admit it or not.

Today I’ll admit to my gluttonous nature.

As we already know I’m all lazy and shit.

From all of the various definitions out there, I’m taking it to mean any habit in which one has no control over.

Whether it be food, alcohol,ciggies, sex… whatever.

Admittedly, I am a total fan of Taco Hell.

When Diva went on a diet last year and cut all fast food out of the diet…

Taco Hell took a major hit and their stock dropped immediately.

I am a burritoholic.

My willpower sucks.     Gluttony at its finest.

Too bad there isn’t a Del Taco in Tennesse.

It would really be on then.

Onward and upward…

Also encapsulated within the definition is excessive drinking.


That would be me again.

We all know I partake of my fair share of intoxicating beverages.

I likes the brew.

I likes the toddies.

And I likes the rum.

MMMMMM….. beer!

On Friday night, I tend to dive to the bottom of the Michelob Ultra Amber and take an evening long swim.

  • In addition I smoke way too much.  Pack a day easy.
  • I’m addicted to hair products.
  • I like cupcakes and bonbons.
  • Vanilla lattes are a weakness
  • I’m good friends with Jack, Jim & on occassion Jose.
  • The Captain is my best friend.

If I ever decide to use my powers for good rather than evil and run for office…

At least nobody could dig any bones out of my closet.

They’ve already been exposed.

17 Responses to “Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony”

  1. Hey babe, I’m right there with you on the intoxicating beverages. That shit calls my name daily. I’m also quite the tobacco fiend. We seriously need to party together! Think of the fun…

  2. Whoever is in that pic can plan on taking a fat McShit soon.

  3. I got a big beefy burrito supreme right here for ya, sister.

  4. When it comes to booze and smoke, I’m pretty much on the gluttony train with you.

    Oh well, you only live once.

  5. hmmm..nice post…n im there vid ya on d booze thing 🙂 blog updated 🙂

  6. rantingdiva Says:

    chuckie- i’ve just been waiting for you to say that

    waitress- yah mcD=shitty

    dyck- i bet you do, pal

    mike- oh yah!

    mav- go toddies!

  7. I’m all in with ya girl.
    I love me some sauce of most and kind and some ‘bacca too!
    yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaawwwwwwwwwww

  8. I would have commented earlier but I was busy eating a large all-meat pizza and drinking a six-pack of Budweiser with some Jim Beam chasers. 😉

  9. The excessive love or abuse of food, drink or drugs.

    i am guilty of ALL three and SMOKING.

  10. Wine, it must be wine. Chardonnay in the summer Cab in the winter. Cigs all year.

    I can’t believe you were able to give up Taco Hell…that is pure will power. When we were stationed in Kodiak, AK they didn’t have a Taco Hell…it was just that HELL!!

  11. I’m addicted to all that Jack Daniels and you….:)))))

  12. Ah sweetie, dontcha’ know we are all gluttons to some degree!

    I’ve just completed a week long wine binge and I’m damn well proud of it!!!

    =) Bella

  13. rantingdiva Says:

    Sage- I’m in splendid company up here!

    Jay- I engulfed a bottle of wine & parmesan chicken w/pasta

    Meleah- Yah, me too, I smoke like a frieght train when I’m drinkin especially

    Trish- Sucked down a bottle of Bare Foot chardonnay last night… muy delicioso

    Robert- Jack’s one of my closest friends… You’re addicted to me?? Did you just grab my ass??

    Bella- Welcome home, Beautiful! We’ll go on a wine binge together one day!

  14. I pretty much had to give up smoke, drink and most foods due to health issues and the fact that most of those things didn’t mix well with the meds. But damnit, I WILL NOT GIVE UP CHOCOLATE or SEX. I draw the line there. If either kills me….GOOD! I’ll die either with a smile on my face or my legs in the air. I am ok with either.

    Something is going to kill us all, go out in a blaze of glory!

    P.S. Found you off of Mike’s site, so it’s his fault I am here. (Of course it is always his fault, isn’t it?)

  15. Oh girl….u only live once, right?

    Go get em:)

  16. I could out burrito you any day … that’s a challenge. We could hold a muti-blog Taco Bell contest with HUGE prizes. I will be passing out cigars at my blog ….

  17. rantingdiva Says:

    MI- Glad you popped in! If there is one thing for sure… yes, it is most certainly always Mike’s fault!

    FFM- Once and only once!!

    Speedy- Bluff called, challenge accepted. We need to work out details for me kicking your ass in this burrito fest.

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