1984~ JV Sports, Atari & Boy George


This was a defining time for me as a chickie.  I was still a kid, but I was jumping in full speed ahead.    I was experimenting with growing up but still scared of my own shadow. 

I was the end all-be all in school, one of the queen bees.  Even when I did stupid stuff, it wasn’t that big a deal because they just let us get away with it.


I became a Freshman at CHS and I thought I was the shit.

I played JV volleyball and ran cross country.

I was one of the head writers/photographers for Sandscripts, our school paper.

We ditched by sneaking down the aquaducts to the beach after 1st period ALOT.


It was the year I placed second in the Goleta Valley Roller Tournament.

Yah, yah, yah… I did that goofy roller boogie crap…

It was that year I would like my bike 35 miles every Saturday just to get away.


It was the year I smoked my first cigarette and ’bout choked to death.

We got snagged drinkin Near Beer.

I totally started crushin on my best friend, Tim.

And it was the year I became his girl friend.

We spent hours and hours sitting on our surf boards just out past the swells, watchin the water, looking in each others eyes and kissin alot.


It was the year I got so good at PacMan on Atari that I learned to play it upside-down.

I was also the master of Joust, Donkey Kong, Asteroids & Galxian.


It was the year I got cracked in the head with a rock by this little dick who was picking on my little sister.  I was gonna kick his ass too, but he grabbed that rock and busted my head open.


It was that year I got into my first cat fight with a bitch named Holly in front of Thrifty Drug Store over who knows what. 

Her ass was effectively kicked ten ways from Sunday and I walked away with a missing earring and a gnarly black eye.


Frozen yogurt in many, many, many assorted flavors came out and yogurt shops opened all over the place.

Video rentals became a mainstream thing.  Little mom and pop video shops started popping up all over the place.


It was the year rented Purple Rain 10 consecutive times, against my Mom’s wishes.

She felt it was a little bit too sexual for my virgin eyes.

It was the year I lost my virginity.


It was the year I first “played around” with another girl.


The year I got so grounded for sneaking to L.A. with Lori and Lorena to see Duran Duran.

Seeing John Taylor in the flesh was worth it.


Madonna was getting dicks & nipples hard by prancing around like the virgin pop princess that she was.  Honestly, was there anybody hotter???


 I mean, nobody was hotter than Madonna… except Boy George… DAYUM… I have to admit I kinda liked some of their songs, just hard a real hard time looking at him… I mean her…. fuck… I mean it.


And Cyndi…. This is the beeeyach that made it ok to admit that chicks can rub one off and not be ashamed to SHE BOP**. 



**I was 20somethin before I figured out what the hell “she bop” meant.  I just thought it was a cute lil ditty….


16 Responses to “1984~ JV Sports, Atari & Boy George”

  1. Atari, Prince & Madonna!!!!!

    Thats what I grew UP on…and still LOVE to this day!

  2. You’re high school years were far more eventful than mine!

  3. Aaahhhhh, the 80’s….loved the post!!! xo

  4. It was the year my daughter turned 4. Dammit I am still old.

    I just saw Cyndi Lauper on TV the other day and she’s still got it.

  5. (I’m old too Mike)
    You some great mammories Diva! Cherish them!

  6. The only thing I remember about 1984 was that it was the year I started grade one, at the BIG KIDS SCHOOL!


  7. wow, you lost your virginity and hooked up with a girl in the same year?! I’m so impressed. That year the only things that were hooking up in my world were Barbie and Ken. And sometimes Barbie and Barbie. And Barbie and Donnie Osmond. And Barbie and Shaun Cassidy. But not me.

  8. haaaaaaaaaa
    you aint right
    I havent a clue any songs those folks sing but I am positive they need to mix in a hair stylist!

  9. rantingdiva Says:

    Meleah- Jack FM plays all 80s all the time here!! Wooot!

    Jay- It only gets worse, my man.

    Lisa- 80s baby… got a few more years.

    Mike- She’s still a hoppin babe!

    Olga- The early 80s were as happy as I’ve ever been.

    Mike- Awww, you’re still a puppy!!

    Krissy- Girl, the things my Barbie’s did was obscene.

    Sage- I’ve not been right in such a long, long time!

  10. Oh man the 80’s were the BEST!

    Thanks for the blast from the past.

  11. The year I moved to Florida for the first time, then got divorced.

  12. Modonna looks hot AND scary in that picture … my kind of gal.
    During the Atari craze, we would wait with a fever for the new releases. My Uncle could get then sooner than most because he owned a video store. A discount? No!!!! Pac Man was 56 dollars. I’m too cheap to spend that now on a video game 🙂

    The “cat fight” story made me laugh. That damn Holly!! … did her first name start with D??

  13. mm fond memories..necvking on a surfboard..that musta been tricky…:)))

    I had many fond memories comeback after my high school reunion.. and one or two not so fond ones as well..

  14. She Bop? I must Google it real quick.

  15. Oh. I guess it makes me appreciate the fact that I love myself all the time. Yesterday I had to put a fire out down there.

  16. […] that didn’t happen.  The closest thing we got to a real buzz was the day my daddy busted us sucking down Neer […]

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