Karaoke Videos, Pansy Girl, Embarrassing CDs & Some Bling

 Do you guys think this is cute?

Yah, me too.  He’s been entered in Fuel My Blog’s Cutest Kid Contest.

Here’s the linkie… go vote for his rotten ass.  Thanks!


More answers to those embarrassing questions.

Jay, the Cynical Bastard, is just itching to know:

When are you gonna post a video of you doing karaoke?

Well, Jay, as proud as I am that I can belt out many a softrock ditty like nobody binnesss…

I’m camera shy. 


The questions require truthful answers here.

Fact is, the camera hates my fat ass and I always look really, really bad.

And shaky, homegrown videos don’t turn out well once they hit YouTube.

That coupled with the fact that I’m usually drinkin if I’m doin the karate-oki.

Not pretty.

Only one time it was ever video’d was during a karaoke contest.

I was baaalitz’d and swayin back and forth.

I have banished it to the farthest reaches of hell.

What songs do you sing karaoke to?

I started out 12 years ago singing Manic Monday by the Bangles.

I was scared and I forgot to breathe and I ran away as soon as it was over.So, I tried me some country.Um, let’s just go with NOT.It’s been said by those in the know….that I “ain’t gots enough ‘twang’ in my voice to sing any kind of country”.

Thank God!!!

Diva ain’t got no twang!!!!
Scratch country.

As it turns out,  it’s the coffee shop stuff I’ve found I’m pretty good at.

  • Stevie Nix/Fleetwood Mac
  • Norah Jones
  • Macy Gray
  • Rod Stewart
  • A Handful of Disco songs
  • Journey
  • Tina Turner

But sometimes, I’d love to be one of those chicks with real pipes.

You know them bad ass rocker bitches??

  • Janis Joplin 
  • Joan Jett
  • Heart

Not that I’m knocking my easy listening and soft rock talents, but…

Why can’t I be a bad-ass-chick??

I wanna be a rocker dammit!

What is the most embarrassing CD that you own?           

I don’t reckon I’d be embarrassed of any of my CDs.  I kinda dig’em all. 

I suppose the fact that I have Milli Vanilli stuff might be considered borderline embarrassing.

Why do you have comment moderation turned on?

Good question.  The answer is, I have no clue.

It’s certainly not on because I’m worried somebody will say something embarrassing cuz I do a fine job at embarrassing myself without anybody’s help.

Just one of them things.


I’ve been the receiver of the some sweet bling to make my ego feel really happy.

Thought I’d pass some along to my friends here at Blogger’s Lane.

Robert at Observations From the Back 40 gave me this lil beauty for my mad skillllz.

This one is destined to be passed along to  Ms. Puddin (mad party skillz), Inarticulate Fumblings (mad globe-trotting skillz), Pointless Drivel (bad ass writing skillllz) & FlipFlopMama (mad karaoke skillllz).

You go kids.


Bella, that beautiful vixen at It Is What It Is says I make her think (about sex and how evil teenagers can be I assume) and as such, bestowed upon my graciously accepting ass this lil ol’ goody.  

I would like to hit these kids up for making me think… about sex and other good stuff…  Sage Advice (political goodies & sexy stuff), Notcha Typical Granny (Nascar & world peace), & Sugar Queen (making the world a nicer place).

You go kids!


This is another goodie from the Back 40..


To my Redneck friends:  Buzzardbilly & Cynical Bastard, Tongue In Check

Love it, love it, love it!!!!


Mark, the man with Blogitude shot me this just yesterday… but only cuz he was skeerd I was gonna kick his ass if he didn’t….  


This I shall send along to Robert, as he is a most excellent and deep thinking and honorable man in a skirt kilt. 


This one here  I went and found all on my own, jacked it fair and square in true pirate fashion. And it’s for Mark, my fellow pirate in crime. 

All ya’ll make me laugh, smile, and cry like a bitch.  I

 have but one goal in life and it’s to be as bad ass and cool as all of you kids are.

15 Responses to “Karaoke Videos, Pansy Girl, Embarrassing CDs & Some Bling”

  1. Aww shucks. Thanks and I do enjoy reading your stuff. Keep it up and I feel in good company with the other recipients.

  2. All ya’ll make me laugh, smile, and cry like a bitch. I have but one goal in life and it’s to be as bad ass and cool as all of you kids are.

    yeah…welcome aboard to being cool..lol

  3. Well I still think that some karaoke videos would be fun. I mean, I wouldn’t post one, but my singing is the worst thing you could ever hear!

    And Milli Vanilli?? OH my! 😉

  4. Yeah, and I gave you the E for Excellent Award, too. When ya gonna put that one up? *snicker*

  5. Yay! Thanks! I knew I was good at something! All these awards, I guess I gotta go out and celebrate! Again!

    It’s official, now you have to do a youtube of you doing karaoke! I gotta see this…

    Ps I got you linked now…


  6. Ooh !
    I dont do the singing infront of a crowd unless the middle bruda in law brings beers and his strings then I sing it all

  7. You’re already bad ass and cool to me, and that counts for A LOT! hehe

  8. aww…sweet..

    and ya no what, I sing Joan Jett and heart every karaoke session..we need 2 get together and belt my dear..

    I also do, Loverboy,styxx, Elton John,the eagels,the eurthymics..

    I dont do no twang neither..


  9. btw,
    i tried adding u to myspace but I think u mights denied me:(..im Rocker Mom…remeber denying me?..hahah..im gonna add u again..damn dont diss the rocker mom..

  10. The little brat is a cutie and got my vite…:)) and many thanks for the award sexy..I shall put it up next post..please tell me you were kidding about Millie Vanilli…..:)))))))) anyone who has one of their CD’s needs a spanking…:)))

  11. “It’s just another Manic Monday…wish it was Sunday…my I don’t have to run day…”

    I remember that song. Prince wrote it, and had the song Kiss @ numbers 1 & 2 on Billboard charts.

    Norah Jones, Rod Stewart, John Cougar Mellencamp…had a few of their albums as well.

    Only owned one Jefferson Starship. The album which had the song We Built This City.

    I always knew Milli Vanilli were lip-sync. lol.

  12. Oh, the picture of the little kid is boss.

  13. rantingdiva Says:

    Mike- I dig your place too, Daddy-0!!

    Mav- I feel so loved!

    Jay- Come on down, I’ll give you specific permission to make a vid.

    Mark- It’s up and so is one for you, bro.

    Ms P- You are my inspiration to be bad ass, mamas!

    Lee- Love singin while my man picks.

    Leighann- I’m stoked, girl, that’s awesome!

    FFM- You can be bad ass and I’ll admire it! Get over here!

    Robert- I have assumed the position!

    Don- I sing Kiss (not as good as the Paisley One) but not too bad!
    That’s my grandbaby, he’s the shit!

  14. I sooo want to sing a duet with you! Yup, I love to sing… anywhere, for anyone.
    Congrats on all the new flashy awards too. Quite a post here.
    Viva Los Karoake!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. OMFG! I love it! It’s the purdiest big rig I ever did see! And to be linked with Mike and Jay…well, what more could a redneck writer want? Nothing. That’s what.

    I can’t wait to put that puppy up on my site. Thank you so much!

    So, how many am I supposed to pass it on to?

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