Round Three – Heidelberg Castle

My pal, Markus from Pforzheim, decided that we needed to go to Heildelberg to the Castle grounds and wander as it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We parked the car and looked up the hill. There it was, as it was last time I was in there, very eery yet beautiful.

I assummed (ass-u-me) that we would go the same way I had went in last time.

Up a nice stable incline to the front of the grounds. Not so much.

Let’s just say I assumed way wrong.

We ended up climbing the STAIRS OF DEATH.

All 315 of them.

Straight up.

On the bright side, I was feelin bad that I thought I was gonna have a heart attack because I smoke and I was climbing stairs…

until my non-smoking Ma almost fell out too!!

Thanks for making me feel good about being me, Mom!! I loves ya!

And here are Mommy & Me at the top in the gardens.

We survived the climb.

Since that was in October, now I can say it was worth the pain & suffering.

Although in total ruins from WWII…

still a very beautiful place…

“I’ll give ya $5 if you’ll jump across and act like you’re makin out with that pee-ing statue. Obed (her pastor) will never know. I swear I won’t tell him and Jesus will forgive you.”

Constantly antogonizing poor Ma is what I live for.

“Ya right, you take pictures of everything and use them for your benefit.”

For an older broad she catches on quick.

I DO take pictures of everything.

She’s right though. I’d have saved it as leverage for later…

“Be nice, or I’ll send this picture of you to the ladies group, Missy.”

That’s just the way I roll.

So, the front of the place is actually in pretty good shape.

Supposedly the last prince of Heidelburg got pissed at his lady and jumped out the window…

… and all that was left was his footprint where he hit the ground so hard…

yah, yah, yah… a little Heidelburg bullshit there.

Heard that from no less than 6 German types trying to amuse us.

Didn’t work.

After we finished wandering the castle grounds, we hoofed it through the downtown area.

All I can say is God Bless Starbucks Heidelburg.

It was cold, it was dark and I needed java.

I know, I know…

I make fun of all things Starbucks.

But when you’re that far away from home with all the strange sights and smells of a foriegn place…

let me tell ya… you’re thankful for Starbucks.

Also thankful that Markus went in and ordered….

Diva don’t brechen zi duetch.


12 Responses to “Round Three – Heidelberg Castle”

  1. I was in Germany back in the early 90’s and had a great time. I thought I could speak German after two years of it in high school (a real long time ago) until I started trying to talk to Germans. Holy shit they talk fast.

  2. Um I think I lost weight just looking at those stairs…you got some great photos though. I like that statue. I could use one of those in my bedroom…

  3. wow..looks like a nice place to visit…been to some amazing forts in india..nice treks..n im still waitin for starbucks to enter india 🙂

  4. Mr. Fabulous Says:


  5. Inarticulate Fumblings Says:

    Wow… after seeing your pics, I am DYING to go back. Hope you are having a fabulous time.

  6. Preposterous Ponderings Says:

    Beautiful! I really love the buildings.

  7. damn with that many stairs there had better be a naked woman up there or I would be bitterly pissed off…:):)

  8. Nosjunkie Says:

    Haha thats great I love the statue… I would have Will and Stiff ryding that thing in a new york min… these boys wear asshol hats and I dont think they have the ladies group problem your mom has…
    anyway Divs it looks like fun I love your hair and I am glad u survived

  9. lol @ “she catches on quick.”

    That sounds like a pretty nice stair climb. You’re right, the castle is beautiful.

  10. Mike- The first time I was there I had no clue and couldn’t even understand when they were speakin the English.

    Ms. P- Oh yah, nekkid stone statues are a must in any girls domicile.

    Mav- Starbucks is out for world domination, won’t be long.

    Fab- I know, huh?

    IF- It was alot of fun having Ma with me. I normally have to go to Europe alone cuz Big T won’t fly over the ocean.

    PP- Wait until you see the pix of Maulbronn Monestary. Gorgeous.

    Robert- Nekkid chick statues is as good as it gets.

    Lee- If it hadn’t been for Ma telling me not to, I’d have jumped the water on hunched the statue in true Pirate style.

    Don- Thanks for popping over.
    Those stairs are heart attack worthy. Thank God it wasn’t 100 degrees out.

  11. Oooh! Thanks for posting that! I went there on a junior high school field trip when we lived in Germany in the early 80s. Brings back memories. Memories of putting rum in our coke cans on the school bus on the way…

    🙂 Bella

  12. My ex grew up on an airbase there… he said they’d sneak and get beer out of the machines all the time. Whatta life!

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