Lil T ~ Cutest Kid at FMB!!!

Lil T is entered in Fuel My Blog’s Cutest Kid Contest!!!!! 

Lil T stole the show at Nana & Papa’s wedding.

 The boy always wakes up with a big smile on his face. What a pooopiedooo.

As shown in the picture below, Little T is actually a mini-clone of Big T.

Sportin’ the Mohawk

He sucks me in with the way he snuggles up against me.

The bugs in our backyard don’t stand a chance against him. He’s all about catching bugs, he just doesn’t realize they smooch really easy.

The little redneck has already been schooled in the difference betwixt the Ford and Chevy while sitting on the front porch with Big T.

It’s impossible to get mad at him for being bad. It’s impossible not to know when he’s done something he shouldn’t have… You can see it in his eyes, the little brat.

Little T has ambitions of being a total rock star. The girls get all giddy when he’s flowin on the mic.

8 Responses to “Lil T ~ Cutest Kid at FMB!!!”

  1. Real Live Lesbian Says:

    You’re making my ovaries ache! 🙂

    That’s just so sweet!

  2. Southern Sage Says:

    Well I just have to know which one he now prefers since his schooling? Ford or Chevys? They say don’t talk about politics or religion well for true necks’ truck brands and nascar should also be included!
    Cute lil fella.

  3. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    He is SO cool. Of course, he has a really cool grandma, so…

  4. Sugar Kane Says:

    Cute kid! And, sweet post.

  5. He is TOO cute!

    I especially love the ‘lil rockstar photo!

    🙂 Bella

  6. Olga, the Traveling Bra Says:

    WoW – What a Cutie Pututey! I love the pic of Big & Little T walking together! Awwwwwwwwww…..

  7. Not a Granny Says:

    He is cute!!! Isn’t grandma so much more fun than mom???!!! I love it!!

  8. RLL- We’ll come for a playdate. I’m sure after one tizzy fit, your ovaries would be thankful. =)

    SS- The boy has a prefers none other than a big ol Ford. And he he pulls for Jr. on Sunday.

    Mr. Fab- I have molded him in my image. Bless his little heart.

    Sugar Kane- Thanks! He’s a super star!

    Bella- I have to keep a squirt gun handy (like you do for a cat getting on the kitchen table) to keep him off of my microphones.

    Olga- In addition to being put on Dolly’s booming bustline when you visit, I’m sure Lil T would be happy to old you. He’s a boobie boy.

    Granny- You got that right!!

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