Friends, Fried Food & Freakin 22’s

Ok, so it’s officially 2008 now. It didn’t even feel like Christmas, and yet it slipped by along with the passing of a nightmare of a year. Good friggin riddance.

Between the cake disasters, underwear crisis, and other wedding nightmares… not to mention the wedding itself… jeeeez.
Glad it’s done… bad as it was, it’s legal and it’s over.

Onward and upward.

Me, I looked at it for what it was. A good reason to have friends over, eat a bunch of fried crap, drink way too much, and loose my ass at poker.
Check. Check. Check. And check. I accomplished every bit of it.

As with any other weekend or holiday, our casa was just brimming full of folks on New Years Eve to ring in the New Year. We always have plenty of crap to do which amuzes us… I mean, seriously… how hard is it to amuze a drunk?? The cursing parrot kept us occupied for a good hour or so.

I made a plethora of nastily perfect deep fried goodies and other finger foods along with homemade dipping sauces. (My marinara is muy excelente).

My lazy ass even went through the hassle of setting all this crap up buffet style, which ain’t an easy thing to do with a bunch of brats (i.e. teenagers) running around trying to get into it before it’s all done. But, I dished out beatings and yelled enough that the backed off the food until the buffet was set and I got a picture…. for what is good food for if not but to make pictures of it???

Note the cutsie foo-foo little finger sandwiches… Aren’t they just adorable??

Yah, enough with the food. I sucked down my share of cold beer (Mich Amber, of course) and Big T inhaled his Jack n Cokes, while Holly & Mario partoook of Segram’s and Cranberry stuff (fucking ewww).

So. After we got bored of playing karaoke and driving the kids nuts with songs they had never heard of ever, we decided to play BlackJack, followed up with dealer’s choice poker.

If it had been strip poker, I’d have been close to fully dressed, I actually did pretty good. I managed to keep all my chips and then some. Look out Texas Hold ‘Em championship… if you switch to strip poker, I’M THERE!!!!

Anyhoo, Mario, God bless his heart, couldn’t bid a hand of poker if he had poker brilliance or even the slightest bit of good luck.

Sorry brother, fact is, you suck. Don’t go to Vegas, Atlantic City, Tunica or any other casino town. You’d loose your house, your cars, your money, your family, not to mention your ass. Face it, you need your ass.

How is it one can suck so bad?? Well, it’s those fucking 22’s. He didn’t know when to hold and let the deal bust. Oooops. I started throwing extra bets in that the poor boy would hit 22. This would be how I doubled my money. Which pissed him off.
He sucks, I don’t. Haha.

14 Responses to “Friends, Fried Food & Freakin 22’s”

  1. Awesome buffet full of deep fried goodness!

    I love to play blackjack. When I go to Vegas that’s what I stay up all night playing. I’m pretty decent at basic strategy so I can hang in there for a while.

    The last time there my brother in law, one other guy (a stranger we had just met) and I hit a table and lit up some cigars. Next thing you know we had the table to ourselves! Weird huh? 😉

  2. Good Lord woman! You sure know how to throw a party! What a spread you had, and you didn’t even have to open your legs! 😉 Although I’m sure that would have made the party just that much better!

  3. Sugar Queens Dream Says:

    Diva darling, Hugs and all that stuff…. you can cook baby doll, I never knew LOL
    I want an order of cheese sticks and sauce please 🙂 I loves em~~

  4. doggybloggy Says:

    love me some deep fried anything…and sandwiches with no crusts..hell it must be the 4 seasons

  5. Flat Coke and Flies Says:

    I love blackjack and fried food. I wanna come over!! Damn those 22’s tho!!!

  6. Hey Jay! Blackjack is super cool in Vegas when a body sits at one of those little machines with a bucket o nickels!! Beer winch coming by every 5 minutes with another cold beer… ahhhh, Vegas.

    Chuckie, I’m sorely disappointed that you didn’t come to our little gathering. Who said I didn’t do the ceremonial spreading of the legs?? It was a long night.

    Judy, girl, anytime you want something nasty and bad for you just come on over.

    Doggy, 4 Seasons ain’t got shit on my FryDaddy, baby!!

    FF&C, sister, you are right down the road. You could be ever present at our weekend fiestas feature bad food, warm beer and unspeakable naughtiness =)

  7. wow…awesome food pics…made my mouth water..even tho i didnt ve any clue wat dishes they…nice blog :)..

  8. This post has made me want to go down to my local bar and OD on deep fried foods. Damn, that looks so good.

  9. Ok I can see palying strip poker with you will be a challenge..but I bet I have your bra off in the first 15 minutes…..:):)..gimme a another Jack and Coke…:):); You rock Diva

  10. Real Live Lesbian Says:

    I’m moving in next door!

  11. Dang! That stuff all looks sooo good!

    Much more exciting time than I had.
    New Year’s eve and I was in bed by 10:00 pm.

    How sad is that?!

    🙂 Bella

  12. Sounds like a party! Lol

    Except for the teenagers eating all the food, we would have been fighting…especially if I got a few drink in me…

    I haven’t played cards since Vegas last year…you ll have to teach me a thing or two…

  13. Nosjunkie Says:

    Happy happy Christmas

  14. Maverick- Deep fried everything, pal!! Thanks for popping over!

    Mikie- Yah, we generally get our fair share of greasy crap at the bar. Can’t beat bar food with a big stick.

    Robert- Ah, my friend. The advantage is yours! I seldom wear a bra when in mi casa.

    RLL- Come on down, girl!

    Bella- Welcome back, Sweetheart!! You have been missed! I hope you’re all rested and relaxed!

    Ms. P- Come on over. I’m sure the two of us could take the whole shitpot of teen types.

    Lee- Thanks, girl! I hope yours was as nice as ours!!

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