Drunk Wine & Sleepin on the Job

We generally have friends over on Saturday nights. Not because we don’t dig going out, because we do. But going out all the time does tend to get old, plus you have to worry about the PO-PO pullin your ass over in the middle of the night.

Of course, I’m a spoiled, lucky girl. I have a designated driver at all times and I dig it. Regardless of that, it’s nice just to stay in, cook a smorgassboard of tasty good stuff and drink hot toddies or beer or wine or Jack….

Well, on tap for the past weekend’s buffet was pork tenderloin, rosemary potatoes, steamed snow peas and a variety of other crap.

I must say, I’ve never cooked a tenderloin before and I rocked the balls out of it.
Baked it sloooooow in the oven, double wrapped in foil filled with every herb you can think of. After being on slow bake for 3 hours, I jerked that badboy out of the foil and slung it on the grill… G-R-U-B!!

Everybody ate way too damn much.

I, of course, was no exception. Quite the contrary. I started drinkin whilst cooking. The flavor of the day was Meridian Chardonnay, mighty good.

I asked Big T to open me the first bottle and it was on. Between me and Taucha, we polished off close to three bottles. A little much.

I paced myself, like a professional New Orleans drinker. Sipping all night long. It’s hard to tell how much wine one has consumed when one’s glass never quite gets empty before somebody happens by to freshen it.

So, it’s 1:00am, and everybody is leaving. I had been giving Big T the eye and making obscene gestures toward him all night. REOW… come here big daddy.

He was sitting on the couch in the love den, when I crawled up in his lap and made close up obscene gestures at him before departing with my clothes and heading toward the bed. I knew it was a matter of 1.8 seconds before he’d be following me that way.

Woooo! I was feeling my oats. I was gonna tear his ass up. I was gonna make him scream my name and write bad checks. I was gonna make him beg for mercy.
Let the makin out and major league cannoooodlin begin!

I kiss my way down into a desireable spot. Somehow, don’t ask me how… I passed out. His goodies right in front of me and I pass out. Of course at first, he thought I was thinking or taking a breather….

He taps me on the head. “Baby, are you ok? If you’re gonna go to sleep, release that and get on a pillow.”

“I’m not asleep. Swear I’m not.” As I sit up and leave a drool puddle on his belly. “Ok, so I might have been asleep.”

“That’s ok, baby. Go to sleep.”

So I did.

Well, I woke up to him staring at me. “Gotta hang over?”

My head was spinnin, “Hell ya. I’m dehydrated and my head’s spinnin.”

“Why don’t you go back to sleep?” He picked. “You do remember falling asleep last night, right?”

All day long, kids, I had to hear him slip in little comments about my inability to handle my alcohol and still be sexually fucntional. I mean, granted, it was all in fun, but how embarrassing is that?

“Sorry, baby. I swear I’ll never drink again.” Rolling my eyes. “Gimme some aspirin.”

“Yah. Yah.” He gets me aspirin, “You know you got yours and you were done, ready to go to sleep. Sometimes I think our roles in this marriage are jacked the hell up.”

“I know, huh? I spit, burp, and fart better than you.” Smiling at him like the cat that ate the canary.

Pick on me again some more.


10 Responses to “Drunk Wine & Sleepin on the Job”

  1. LOL … That’s hilarious.

    I had a roommate in college that had that happen to him. Only HE was the one who passed out. Of course, he then got the permanent marker treatment. Poor dumb bastard. haha

    Staying in with friends is more fun than going out. It’s cheaper too.

  2. Real Live Lesbian Says:

    Too funny!

    I love hanging out at the house. There’s always plenty of wine and we can actually hear each other!

    I like going out and dancing the night away, too…but we’re always the ones that leave first. Gotta get home before I’m snoring too hard to put out! 😉

  3. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    That is so HAWT lol.

    You are quite the sex machine!

  4. Ha ha classic. Poor bastard thought he was going to get lucky. Man sh*t happened to me, but HE fell asleep…I don’t like this getting older stuff…

  5. Freaking hilarious. Kind of reminds me of my wedding night when I passed out across the bed.

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    🙂 Bella

  7. I had to chuckle like hell after I read that….nice job of pacing your self young lady…:):) tell T he’s not alone I had that happen at a wedding one time…my date was drinking peach schnapps all nite and was going great guns with out a hitch so to speak right up to the same point…then ploppo out lie a light….:):)

  8. we do the friend thing too on fridays and saturdays but thats becauese we are a noisy bunch and tend to get kicked out of places for complaining about crappy music or slow delivery of beer

  9. Divalicious Says:

    Hey Jay- I look at it like paybacks, although not intentional. Thank God he didn’t have a sharpie handy!

    RLL- Drinkin at home does have it’s perks… like gettin nekked and bein naughty whenever ya get the urge.

    Mr. Fab- I’m just a love machine…The Miracles

    Ms. P- I remember that! I think I told you to tie his ass down and do naughty things to him. Girls think that way.

    Mike- Honey, passing out on your wedding night is baaaad. Tell me, did you pass out in your clothes or buck ass nekked??

    Bella- Me too. Big T loves me like a squirrel loves a nut. I made amends the next day and all was well in the K-house.

    Robert!! Peach Schnapps is devil juice. Of course, now I figure wine is too. I can’t believe I passed out just like that…
    Middle age, sex and wine… DOH!

    Lee- Oh yah!! We can be as rowdy as we want at the house and nobody give a rats ass.

  10. Olga, the Traveling Bra Says:

    I’m lookin’ forward to hearin’ about how you intend to make this up Big T!

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