Fiestas, Gigalos and Beeeeyaches

There’s nothing Diva digs more than a fiesta. Well, unless beer is involved. And what would ya know… I got both over the weekend. My bestest friends Holly, Mario and Tausha heard through the rumor mill that I was making enchiladas and such for dinner Saturday night and that was enough for them. Holly said she’d bring some good stuff and we’d have a fiesta. Complete with rice, beans, salsa and chips…. and BEER. Yay! Come on over boys and girls. There were all us adult types, 6 teenager and 2 munchkins. So, I was cooking my ass off listening to the VOLS get spanked. (Sorry drifting off, a little annoyed it didn’t go any better than it did… interception throwin mama’s boys)… Anyhoo…I made Chicken enchiladas and homemade red sauce (mmmmm) And beef enchilada casserole Rice n Beans (refried beans just aren’t pretty, so there’s no pic). And Holly’s grub-ass homemade, garlic filled, spicy as hell salsa

We were playing kamakazi karaoke in the lair when “Just a Gigalo” came on. This is the point where Lil T (the 2year old grandson) informs me that he is, in fact, a gigalo. Big T confirmed to Lil T, that it’s ok to be a gigalo.

I tried to explain to him “You should be a pimp, it pays better. Say pimp.” “No! Gigalo!” He screams and runs off. It’s true. If ya have a choice, for goodness sake, be a pimp. Look, he could pimp his auntie and her friends out. He’s got every one of those girls wrapped around his pinkie finger…

And its official. I crowned my BFF (Holly) my beeeeyach. She’s a skank and I love her more than a squirrel loves a nut.

She is now in charge of kitchen clean up every time we drunk at the house. She is quite good at it. Reckon if she would have known I was gonna blog her ass and slap her picture up on the internets that she would have stayed in her PJs? Heh. Again, I say, you are a skank, but you are a damn fine kitchen cleaner upper.


16 Responses to “Fiestas, Gigalos and Beeeeyaches”

  1. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    But what about the hot toddies? For God’s sake, what about the hot toddies???

  2. Divalicious Says:

    Hot toddies are always on tap, Daddy-O. Those who are in the know know they just aren’t listed on the menu.

  3. Damn that food looks good. Now I am hungry for Mexican food. Thanks.

  4. Real Live Lesbian Says:

    Damn fine lookin’ Fiesta you have there!

  5. Divalicious Says:

    Thanks Mike & RLL!!! Ya’ll are welcome to come by anytime. Always something to scarf on at Casa de Diva

  6. damn, when are you gonna come and cook for me!?

  7. Cool blog. You might be interested in my addiction blog and the related discussion group.

  8. now that looks like good scarfin there…man your making me hungry…:):):)

  9. Pimp’s may get paid more, but he may have more fun as a gigalo!

    I want that chicken enchilada recipe!!!

  10. Mexican food, beer AND somebody to clean the kitchen?? Now THAT’S a great deal!


  12. Divalicious Says:

    Ms. P, girl that can be arranged.

    Jepp, gracias pal.

    Robert, I get hungry when I see all the good stuff people cook on here. I’m just glad this was good enough to document and not make somebody run for the toilet to spew. =)

    Bella, girrrllll, I don’t want my boy bein a gigalo. He’s got his destiny cut out for him takin care of me… I’m pushin the job that pays more.

    Jay, one must always have a beyaach to clean up the mess.. that way one can drink cold beer and take pictures.

    Lee, you MUST go find enchiladas. NOW. GO!! Hurry!! =)

  13. So…if we’d have come home last weekend to Knoxvegas we could have come by for some Mexican, right?

    Looks like it was a great time!

  14. Divalicious Says:

    The more folks the better, Chuckie! Especially since I wasn’t the one doing dishes… You kids are welcome to come by any time you’re in the greater metro Knoxvegas area.

  15. doggybloggy Says:

    enchiladas, rice, beans….thatsa party…

  16. Divalicious Says:

    doggy- something tells me you’d throw a helluva party, my friend. I’ve seen the delishhh stuff you create.

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