Hot Toddies, Christmas Trees & Nekkid Bell Ringin

I swear to all that is Holy… I’m trying my bestest to get into the holiday spirit. It just ain’t me. But I’ll not sit here and spew a bunch of Bah Humbug and tinkle on everybody else’s happy happy ho-ho-ho.

Quite the contrary. In my efforts to pull the Grinch out of my ass, I have found that a nice alcolhic beverage can be very beneficial. My drink of choice? Ahhh, a nice cup of fresh brewed double shot o’ espresso combined neatly with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme. Yes, it is tasty. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm.

So, one cup of cheer at a time, I have managed to begin my holiday-ing with relatively little pain and suffering.

I slung up two Christmas trees this year. One in the living room where everyone hangs out and the other in the Den Of Love downstairs.

Wanna see? I know you do… even if you don’t… here it is in all it’s blinged out glory!! This is the silver & white tree. This sucker glows by the light of the fire even with the twinkle lights not plugged up.

Let’s sing…
“Silver balls….. Silver balllsssss… it’s Christmas time in the Lair”

This is the wooden tree. Tastfully decorated thanks to JoAnn’s craft emporium. Everything on it is made of wood. We like it. Eco-safe, tree parts that will be used for years to come. Poor thing still needs something on top, but I’ve yet to find me a wooden angel or star or santa…

Up close with my fave ornaments…. The sappy but sexy LOVE BELL… When I get lucky, I run upstairs in all my nekkid glory and ring that bad boy… (Scary thought, huh?)

Now just because I have my own forest of Christmas trees doesn’t mean that this tree or this tree are safe.

I made a promise to myself that I would go steal them and leave ransom notes for each tree if either tree owner turns their respective back for more than 2 minutes.

Happy Holidays, boys and girls.


16 Responses to “Hot Toddies, Christmas Trees & Nekkid Bell Ringin”

  1. 2 trees? You go girl!

    I got one and it’s halfway decorated. I won’t lie though, I ain’t all eco-friendly as you are 😉

  2. I feel you. I’m not into the holidays this year either. Not that I’m ever really into it…

    Try a peppermint white choc mocha cap at starbucks, its bomb! Take it home and spike it…

    PS- I had taco bell last night!

  3. Olga, the Traveling Bra Says:

    Diva…you have the BEST post TITles!!!!!!
    Nice trees too!

  4. Damn, I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is having a hard time with this whole Christmas spirit thing. Let me know if the tree helps.

  5. Divalicious Says:

    Slick- I still dig on Robert’s bud can & possum tree. I thought about downin a case of Bud, but it makes me bloat and we don’t want that.

    Ms. P- I’m going after work for the PWCM. I gots a bottle of rum from the Dominican Republic that needs its cherry popped.
    God bless Taco Bell.

    Thanks, Olga. I do my breast to get straight to the point and suck ya’ll in so I can lead ya astray.


  6. Inarticulate Fumblings Says:

    When we moved into our new condo two years ago, we took the opportunity to get rid of the piles of dusty ‘stuff’ that had been sitting in storage for so long.

    We had an artificial tree; the kind with the colored tips to show you where to stick in the branches. It was in a box, everything bent to hell, tangled in tinsle and a shredded white feather boa (yes, feather boa… that’s what happens when two boys decorate for the Christmas season).

    It got thrown out and we haven’t put up one since. Besides, we’re never home at Christmas to enjoy it. After seeing your pictures though, it made me miss not doing it.

    Maybe next year.

  7. Divalicious Says:

    Awww. IF- You must have a tree. Even a butt ugly Charlie Brown tree is good. I never thought of using my boas to decorate. Sexy idea.
    You kids can come kick around the tree of your choice at my pad. We’ll drink hot toddies and sing ‘silver balls’. Like?

  8. Not a Granny Says:

    Aw sheesh, I haven’t even gotten my one tree up yet and everyone is putting up multiple trees.

    I think I will drink some wine!

  9. Dang. I don’t even have one tree up and you’ve got two!!

    I did put lights around a couple of windows though, so I’m not a total scrooge.

  10. Oh I sooo Love Baileys…

  11. So which’un is upstairs and which’un is down? You’uns sure did a nice job. They both sure are mighty purty! I think I needs me one of them love bells….

    Why is it that when I come to your blog I slip back into my East Tennessean accent?

  12. david mcmahon Says:

    G’day from Australia, where we have summer Christmases!

    Slver and white looks really cool. By the way, I came here from Fat Hairy Bastard’s blog – isn;t he one cool dude!

  13. Nosjunkie Says:

    aaaah thats so nice love the love bel

  14. Divalicious Says:

    Got a glass for me, my sister? I’ll chuck one of the trees in the back of the truck and come runnin. We’ll cop a wine buzz and decorate at the same time.

    Hey Jay! Can’t seem to get my lights to hang right, they’re all jacked up.

    Baileys would be my beverage of choice any time of year, Angela… good with ice, good with coffee…

    You’re accent comes back ’cause at heart y’alls a redneck just like me. It only takes ten seconds for mine to reappear when I come back here. The love bell on the wooden tree is upstairs so I can streak all through the house buck ass nekkid.

    G’day back at ya, my hottie Aussie brother! I wish it was summer here, I’d love to be in my back yard nekkid sunbathing for Santa. FHB is a rockin dude. I stalk him regularly, just don’t tell him. He’d be scared.

    Isn’t it just sick, Lee? A love bell. Nothin like a little jingle after a roll in the hay!

  15. Oooo Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!

    You know, I think it is wickedly cool that you are not bah-humbugging even though you feel like it. All these “I Hate Christmas” posts I’ve seen lately are really starting to chap my ass.

    But, not you… you are just freakin’ COOL!

  16. Divalicious Says:

    My theory on it is this, Amy. Be happy, why not? Even if it takes a little liquor to get ya there =)
    Beside Scroooge’s suck ass.

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