So, This is Art

Many of you may not know, but the week after I got hitched, I bailed and went to Germany for 10 days. Fun, fun, fun don’cha know.

Anyway, I was in Hannover for a couple of days and managed (between the raindrops) to get out and do the tourist schlep. Grabbed a cab and took in Herrenhausen Gardens. Quite the impressive place actually. One could get lost up in there.

Figured I’d share with you what the German folk consider to be art, as they had an art exhibition in full gear within the garden gates whilst I was there. Enjoy.

Ok, so these are babydolls cocooned in Saran Wrap and hung in trees.
*scratches head* I still don’t quite get it, but ok. Kinda creepy in a Blair Witch kinda way.

And this is an exhibit called (surprisingly) “Split Pea Soup & Beer”

In case you’re wondering, the lil sign says no drinky the beer or do not touch or something to that effect.

This here is the Creme de la Creme. A Penis made out of a sticky bush. Nice. The exhibit was entitled “Sex”.

Imagine that. I certainly could have done with a lil nookie after looking at a seven foot tall prickly penis.

And the grande finale photo is not actually part of the art exhibit, it was just one of the few flowers left that hadn’t frozen it’s stamen off yet.

It was cold and miserable that day, but the oversized penis… dayum, it really did make the whole thing worth it.

11 Responses to “So, This is Art”

  1. Over sized penis’ have been known to brighten many a ladies day.

    Great pics!

  2. A “prickly penis,” now that’s funny!

  3. Divalicious Says:

    Hey Chuck, an oversized penis is sure to make smile anytime. It’s just cute.

    Prickly peni scare me, Mushy. I was amused because it was taller than me. I wanted to make a naughty picture with it, but my Mom said no. She’s no fun.

  4. Ok, have to admit the dolls in the trees TOTALLY made me think of the Blair Witch project. Bizarre!!!

  5. now beer and chili would have been art….wow I wonder if that’s what “if only” Ed was thinking of when he called me a big pr*ck the other day..he went to Hanover once…..:):)

  6. =prickly penis + my vagina = pain…sounds like you had fun!

  7. Olga, the Traveling Bra Says:

    Hmmmmmm, seems we have something in common (on our blogs)….scarey ain’t it?!?

  8. Nosjunkie Says:

    the cocoon babies reminds me of a nirvana music video actually.
    they also had cocooned fetus hanging in trees

  9. Divalicious Says:

    I freaked out cuz it was super creepy and ran away screaming, Amy. Ewww!

    I would hope nobody would call you a prickly dick Robert! You are a sweetheart!!!

    Oh Ms. P, no prickly penis’ allowed around my special spots either… just exciting too look at. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    We gots lots in common, Olga the sexy bra.

    I’m not so sure I wanna see the video as I will officially be scarred for life, Nos. I’m a wuss from way back.

  10. moooooog35 Says:

    ..and to think I shave my crotch because I think chicks DON’T want to have sex with a seven foot prickly penis.

    I wish someone would have told me this before I cut my nut shaving the damn thing.

  11. Divalicious Says:

    I’m sorry you injured your balls, moooooog! I think it’s a lovely thing to keep it nice and prickly free for your lady. Just remember what I said, shave carefully, but under no circumstance should you ever use Nair down there. I wish your nut a speedy recovery!

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