Prayers for my PooPooPeDoo

Howdy kids. My daughter called me last night and told and asked me what she should do with Tyler, my lil angel of a grandson. She said he was spiking a bigtime temperature and he couldn’t catch his breath. Turns out he was taking 50+ breaths per minute, which is way too much for a 2 year old.

After spending the evening at the ER, they told us he has pneumonia. Apparently, a kid can go from slight sniffles sans snot and goo to pneumonia in no time flat.
So, his right lung is kinda jacked up and he’s taking a shit-pot of munchkin strength anti-biotics and breathing treatments.

Of course, no pneumonia epidemic is gonna get him down. Absolutely not. He was still raisin’ all hell in the waiting room and wasn’t diggin that nurse trying to take his vitals during check-in. It was all over when Natalie tried to strip him down to get him in a sexy, midget sized hospital gown. It pissed him off even more that he was getting a draft on his ass.

Keep my lil angel in your prayers, please. Even though he’s still full of piss and vinegar, pneumonia is an ass-kicker.


8 Responses to “Prayers for my PooPooPeDoo”

  1. Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon Says:

    get well kid…this old fart had a battle with it last week and managed to shake he should be alright….:)

  2. BottleBlonde Says:

    Awwwww, little Tyler is definitely in my prayers. Watching him go through the pneumonia must be very scary for you and your daughter.

    In any case, let’s hope the docs don’t start taking PooPooPeDoo’s temperature via a thermometer up his PooPooPeChute.

  3. Divalicious Says:

    N & the CC- You are NOT an old fart! Thanks for the well wishes. He’ll shake it, I’m sure.

    bottleblonde- Thank God for the ear thermometers, eh? He’d break ninja on ’em for sure if they tried to jack his diaper for temp’s sake.

  4. Sugar Queens Dream Says:

    Oh Diva I’m so sorry but hope he’s getting better as I type!!!
    Hugs you delicious woman!

  5. Damn. I hope everything works out ok…he’s a cutie…call me when he’s legal…

  6. Divalicious Says:

    SQD- He’s a tough lil trooper and could take on any ninja even with pneumonia.

    mspuddin- He is a sexy little beast, huh? You should see him in his tux… reow, all the toddlers dig his scene.

  7. You can count on it Diva…I’ll remember him right now.

  8. Divalicious Says:

    Mushy- Diva knows she can always count on ya!
    Hope you kids had a fantastic trip!!

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