These Boots Ain’t Made For Walking….

It’s Monday. In most cases, that would be enough. Not today. Actually my head started to spin around last night thanks to my wonderful, caring EX-husband. But, that’s another story all-together now isn’t it?

No, today (after last night), I decided to:
— get up early – check
— drink some coffee – check
— Have a nice long shower – check
— Do my do – check (thank God for Aussie Freeze)- check
— Actually put on some war paint – check

and be somebody and have a great day…

Yah, right.

I managed to amp up on caffeine, have a shower and look like somebody today. Most days, I go to the office looking scary because who the ever comes in our office? Not a damn soul but the UPS guy and he’s used to seeing me look like something my cat just yacked up.

All is going well, I main-lining my Juan Valdez coffee, I get dressed and look pretty damn good for a Monday, drop my purse and coffee cup on the end table so I can run up to the kitchen and grab my lunch. I get back downstairs, I stick my lunch in my purse, grab my coffee and out the door I go. So far, so good, eh?

Well, not so much because as I hear that click that signifies the door is indeed shut and LOCKED, I realize my damn keys are in the house… Figures.

“Damn!” I said out loud to myself and the trees. “No biggie. I’ll just call OG and she can pop over and get me.”

It was already 8:30 and since 8:30 is merely a suggested time to get to work, I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach OG for at least another few minutes.

“Good grief. Here they fucking come.” I muttered to myself standing in the middle of the driveway.

THEY are my nosy neighbor and her moppy looking muts. I can’t stand her or them. She’s the one neighbor that everybody has. She knows everything about everybody in the neighborhood well exeption for us, we avoid her like the plague.

I saw them coming at me, barking like there’s no tomorrow. I looked at the one taking a shit the neighbor across the street’s yard and looked up to see NOSY in her front yard, yelling “No jump! No jump!” Whatever.
Those dogs don’t understand plain English because they still run and jump all over anybody that has the balls to walk anywhere on our road when she has them out.

I looked her dead in the eye and gave her my “you’re a skank” glare her before I made a snap decision to take off and walk to work.

Off I went, thinking I’d make it a little ways, be away from psycho neighbor and her muts, I’d get hold of OG in a few minutes and she’d come get me. I try her again.

“Hey. Come get me. I’m a dork, I locked all the keys in the house…”

“Dude,” she said in a solemn tone, “You just take this like a man. But you’re F-U-C-K-E-D.”

I’m automatically assuming some more fresh cooked drama is coming my way.

“I rode my bike to work today.” She concludes. Excellent, no drama, but it appears I’m walking the 6 miles to work today in these friggin shoes.

They are Gloria Vanderbilt and they were expensive. These are the most comfy slides I own. However, I don’t think Gloria had me walking to work in them. Cuz after the first mile and a half, my dang dogs were barkin.

I made many personal observations on my trek this morning.

1. I shouldn’t wear silky, thin pants in fall. It’s fucking cold and I might get locked out of the house.

2. I really, really don’t like my neighbor. Her dogs shit in everybody’s yard but their own (trained to do so by their proud owner I assume).

3. Random people who walk along the river in Oak Ridge are super friendly. I suppose I exchanged 10 smiles and at least that many “hello” and “Good mornings”.

4. Our ex’s are never going to go away. They are part of our pasts and we just have to learn to deal with it.

5. I can indeed do two things at once. I can walk and text at the same time.

6. People really do throw some nasty stuff on the side of the road. For example:
some dude chucked his Joe Boxer tighties out the window… Ewwwww…

7. There is too much roadkill for a Monday morning… The count goes a little somethin like this:

* One disemboweled and half masticated deer (bllluch)
* Two squished baby skunks
* A racoon that had just been plowed down
* A poor bunny rabbit that being eaten by crows

Ah, but… ya gotta love a Monday.



2 Responses to “These Boots Ain’t Made For Walking….”

  1. Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon Says:

    and I thought I had a bad Monday….:):)

  2. Flat Coke and Flies Says:

    You SERIOUSLY walked 6 miles to work?

    Your boss must really not watch the timeclock like mine. We have 7 minutes to play with…not 6 miles of walking!! lol

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