NewsFlash! I Must Have Been Under A Rock

My attention was drawn to a NEWSFLASH today, that apparently isn’t such new news.

One of my three alltime favorite bands is reuniting for a reunion tour!!!

Why, none other than Van Halen. With the exception of base player Michael Anthony, all of the boys will be crankin out the tunes that made ’em famous. Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, will be providing the bone thumpin bass now.

As long as David Lee Roth sticks to the songs and doesn’t try to speak, I will be a happy girl! He has proven time and time again that he is a complete dip-shit, but buddy can he belt out the songs.

I’m sitting here having flashbacks to those wonderful days in the early – mid 80’s in which Van Halen ruled the radio waves…

Tour information Anthony has agreed to take one for the team, change up our honeymoon plans, and take me to Greensboro NC to see them rather than going to the Keys (as we are diving into wedded bliss on September 29th).

All I have to say is, for $125 floor seats, I better get to hear ICE CREAM MAN!


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